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 HSI Clients Beat the Winter Blues in the Beautiful Poconos

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HSI - The Poconos
All parents face the same dilemma each winter as the cold and dreary days mean more and more hours their children spend in front of the television, playing video games or surfing the internet. However, those parents smart enough to have invested in a Vacation Ownership Program that includes access to the benefits offered by Holiday Systems International have a brilliant solution at their fingertips: a vacation in the beautiful and scenic Poconos at H2ooohh! Indoor Family Waterpark located on the premises of Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, PA. One of the great advantages of choosing to spend the day, week-end or week at the H2ooohh!! Waterpark as opposed to other indoor water parks in the area is that you do not need to be an overnight guest at Split Rock Resort. This gives the Holiday Systems International client the flexibility to stay in the accommodations of their choice.

                Another appealing factor of a Poconos vacation is its location. A trip to an island resort with the ever-escalating cost of airfare just is not an option for many people in this economy. However, a quick drive to the Poconos is a much more cost-effective and doable vacation for many a Holiday Systems International client. Additionally, what could be a better time than splashing around an indoor water park with all of your children in the middle of winter? Kids love nothing more than being in the water and they will be thrilled with this vacation destination.

                The waterpark itself is loaded with fun and entertainment for the whole family. The park features an exciting attraction known as a flow rider which is likened to a water version of snowboarding. As much as this ride does require a certain amount of skill and balance, the park does offer surfer lessons for the novices in the group so that mom and dad can feel confident knowing their children are prepared to safely participate in the ride. It should also be noted that life jackets are available.  The park also features several different water slides of varying heights and lengths. When you have had your share of thrills on all the rides and are ready to take a break, there is also a hot tub on the premises to relax in. To ensure the park is accessible for children of all ages, there are also two separate playgrounds for the little ones to run around in.

                It should be mentioned that the H2ooohh! Indoor Family Waterpark does not provide towels so you need to bring your own. However, if you forget to bring your own towels you can always purchase them at the gift shop. There is also a Tiki and snack bar for your convenience. Lastly, you are allowed to leave and re-enter the park on the same day as long as you are still wearing the wristband given to you upon entrance to the park.

                The H2000hh! Indoor Family Waterpark truly provides the Holiday Systems International client with a refreshing yet affordable way to take a break from the winter cold.